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Have you been injured by Rivaroxaban? If you live in Adak or Aleutians West County and your use of Xarelto has led to internal bleeding, uncontrolled bleeding after an injury, a hemorrhagic stroke, or fatality of a family member, you could be eligible for payment.

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Why people living near Adak should file a Xarelto lawsuit?

The damages triggered by negligently made medications is frequently severe however pharmaceutical companies are normally unwilling to admit or treat their mistakes. Harmed users typically withstand suffering resulting in significant financial loss and even fatality.

Claims are the only method to hold drug businesses answerable and provide the very best possibility to receive compensation. In suits filed, Xarelto (Rivaroxaban) customers say they were not advised sufficiently concerning the medication’s risks.

What will a Xarelto suit cost me in Alaska?

Our affiliated Blood Thinner Lawsuit Attorneys will start by providing you with an absolutely free and confidential telephonic consultation. If you live in Adak or Alaska and choose to hire us, we will not charge you any fee or costs unless we win compensation for you.

Once compensation has been won, we will only charge you a reasonable percentage of the compensation won. Our fees are market related so will be similar to what other lawyers are charging for the same service. If you would like to discuss the billing structure and percentages in more detail, please call us.

How much time before I have to register a suit in Adak?

If you have been injured by Xarelto (Rivaroxaban), your Alaska statute of limitations may be running out, or may end soon. There is unfortunately no way for us to tell you without reviewing your facts first. We can however state that you should not wait because every wasted day may be the last day you can bring a claim in Aleutians West County.

All states have maximum time limitations on when a claim must be filed. These time restrictions are known as statutes of limitations. If a case is not filed before the statute of limitation ends, injured people are forever prevented from bringing a claim.

The side effects and risks of Xarelto?

Can You Drink Alcohol If Taking Xarelto?Firstly, you should notify your Adak doctor and/or dentist that you are using it before undergoing any dental procedure. If you are expecting, make sure your doctor knows.

The most important possible risk is severe Internal Bleeding that could result in a Fatality. There is no known Cure to reverse Internal Bleeding caused by Xarelto, which is unique in the Blood-Thinner market.

Other possible risks include, infection associated with hip or knee replacement surgery, decreased hemoglobin (carries oxygen in red blood cells), Brain Bleeding, hematoma (a blood mass), peripheral edema (lower limb swelling) and dyspnea (breathing difficulty).

If you are currently using Rivaroxaban, it is important to avoid activities that may result in cuts, bruises or suffering Internal Bleeding. If you do get one of these injuries, especially swelling, bruising, bleeding, dizziness or severe headaches, it is important to contact your Adak family doctor immediately.

It is advertised as a safe and efficient medication. This drug has however been associated with thousands of serious detrimental event reports, including dangerous bleeding accidents. All Blood Thinners could be risky, but Rivaroxaban is by far the king of issues. The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) classified Rivaroxaban (Xarelo) as the drug with the most direct reports (mostly from health professionals) to the FDA, compared to other novel anticoagulants during 2014.

Has Rivaroxaban been withdrawn because of bleeding?

It has not been recalled because of Internal Bleeding events. The Alaska investigation, from a Legal perspective, is still in its early stages. It can take years, many hours of Lawyer/expert time and large expense before all the facts are established. Drug companies are often reluctant to recall drugs until they are forced to.

Xarelto can cause fatalities

Internal Bleeding can become so severe that doctors in Adak or Aleutians West County have no way to prevent it from causing a users death. Many Lawsuits have held Bayer responsible for fatally injuring people because of Bleeding. In 2012, a FDA report showed that Rivaroxaban adverse reactions caused three times more fatalities than its counterpart, the Blood Thinner Warfarin.

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Does Xarelto prevent blood clots or cause them?

It is supposed to be used to prevent Blood Clots but there is mounting medical evidence from health professionals in Alaska, that indicates dangerous Blood Clots in people who took Xarelto.

Why are lawsuits being filed in Alaska?

It is our opinion that Xarelto did not provide a good enough warning about the potential for serious Bleeding to health professionals or patients in Alaska. They did not require Blood tests that would help to identify patients in Adak at a higher risk for Serious Bleeding events.

Other allegations in Alaska include:

  • Janssen Pharmaceuticals use expensive advertising campaigns in Adak and Alaska, claiming that it is superior to Warfarin, despite the higher rate of Bleeding in patients.
  • Patients and doctors in Adak 99546 AK were not properly warned about the risk of Bleeding and have not been advised how to Stop Bleeding when it occurs.
  • Bayer continue to advertise the drug to increase their profits despite numerous adverse events, injuries and deaths.

Xarelto test relied upon defective INR instruments

December 2015: There are concerns about the accuracy of data from the ROCKET-AF trial, that compared Xarelto to Warfarin, after investigators found that the study relied on a defective device to calibrate Coumadin usage. The Alere INRatio and INRatio2 PT/INR Monitoring System was subject to a Class 1 recall one year ago because it could provide INR results (Blood Clotting rates) that were too low. This could result in users being given more Warfarin than required.

October 2015: A judge in Louisiana has set the first four trial dates involving Rivaroxaban for early 2017.

September 2015: Bayer and Janssen Pharmaceuticals are facing about 1,650 federal suits involving uncontrollable bleeding from Xarelto.

08/11/2015: In a regulatory filing, Bayer said about 1,200 people who used Xarelto have filed Lawsuits. Earlier this week, 200 more people joined the Litigation.

04/22/2015: A study in the British Medical Journal has found that the Blood Thinning drug Xarelto (Rivaroxaban) could double the risk of gastrointestinal Bleeding compared to Warfarin (Coumadin or Jantoven).

04/15/2015: Federal judges have reported large gains in the size of Xarelto Litigation, with another 150 cases filed in the last 30 days, pushing the total number of federal Lawsuits above 500. Another 200 Cases are pending in the state court in Pennsylvania.

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Big Drug companies are excellent at selling unnecessary drugs onto American consumers in Adak and Alaska. The big problem is that many of the industry’s latest drugs have an increased risk of Bleeding compared to drugs that have been out for many years. Mike Papantonio talks about one of the drug disasters, Xarelto, with Lawyer Ned McWilliams.